Bitcoin Investors Hold Tight: On-Chain Fundamentals Remain Solid

• Bitcoin holders have reached an all-time high of 994,298.
• More than half the bitcoin supply has not been active for at least two years.
• Net flows of bitcoin from exchanges decreased by -$10.2 million.

Bitcoin On-Chain Fundamentals Stay Solid

Glassnode data reveals long-term holding trends and exchange net outflows for bitcoin, which suggests that investors are increasingly confident in the digital asset. The number of addresses holding at least 1 bitcoin (BTC) has reached an all-time high (ATH) of 994,298, while more than half the bitcoin supply has not been active for at least two years. Moreover, the net flow of bitcoin from exchanges has seen a -$10.2 million decrease. These metrics point to increased investor confidence as they opt to hold onto their bitcoin long-term rather than trading it in for fiat currency.

Number Of Bitcoin Holders Reach ATH

The current number of BTC holders is at an ATH, indicating that an increasing number of investors are adopting a long-term perspective on the digital asset due to its scarcity and capped supply of 21 million coins. With owning at least 1 BTC representing a certain level of wealth and status in the community, this drives further demand for the cryptocurrency.

Long Term Holding Mentality Increases

The percentage of the bitcoin supply that has not been active for at least two years is a strong indicator that investors are opting to hold onto their BTC investments over time rather than actively trading them on exchanges or selling them off outrightly. This trend implies less selling pressure on the market which could potentially drive up prices as scarcity becomes more pronounced over time.

Net Flow Of Bitcoin From Exchanges Decreases

The net flow of bitcoin from exchanges recently decreased by -$10.2 million which shows that more people are withdrawing their BTC holdings rather than depositing them onto exchanges to trade or sell off quickly like before. This indicates growing investor confidence in the digital asset as they choose to hold onto it longer instead of converting it into fiat currency right away through these platforms – suggesting possible future gains in price if more people adopt this mentality going forward.


In conclusion, recent data from Glassnode paints a positive picture for long term investors as they choose to hold onto their bitcoins despite exchange outflows being down by $10 million recently – underlining increased investor confidence in cryptocurrency markets moving forward with potential future price increases due to its relative scarcity compared to other assets such as fiat money or stocks and shares