Telexfree’s creator wants to go back to being Brazilian so as not to go to jail in the US, says newspaper

STF provisionally suspended the extradition procedure of the creator of the pyramid scheme

The Federal Supreme Court (STF) provisionally suspended the extradition process to the United States of the creator of Telexfree Carlos Nataniel Wanzeler after the accused’s defense requested the rescission of the rule that caused him to lose his Brazilian citizenship. The information is from the newspaper A Gazeta.

Wanzeler, who has Amerindian citizenship, has been imprisoned in Brazil since February at the request of the US courts. In September, by unanimous decision, the STF granted the US government’s request and authorized the extradition of the accused of financial pyramid.

However, the accused’s defence entered with an embargo of declaration against the US request, where it requested the rescission of the rule that made him lose his Brazilian citizenship.

The temporary decision, according to the newspaper, was taken by Minister Marco Aurélio.

At the beginning of the month, the rapporteur, Ricardo Lewandowski, had sent the embargo against the US government to be considered by the Attorney General’s Office.

According to the newspaper, one of Wanzeler’s lawyers, Rafael Lima, believes that if the situation of a born Brazilian is restored, his client cannot be extradited. If he goes to the U.S., he can be imprisoned for up to 30 years.

Telexfree case

In Brazil, Telexfree was commanded by Carlos Costa; in the USA, Wanzeler, who lost his Brazilian citizenship last May.

The scheme applied by Telexfree was that of alleged sales of telephone packages that were nothing more than a front.

In order to promote the product, the company adopted a multi-level marketing system. In order to make a profit, the ‚publisher‘ would have to buy and resell packages to anyone who wanted to enter the business. This way, he would earn a referral bonus.

The reward stimulated the growth of the network, but it would become unsustainable when people stopped entering, a sure-fire outcome in any pyramid scheme.