Tradecurve Soars As VET Prices Rise With VeChain Consortium Inclusion

• Tradecurve’s TCRV token has become popular among crypto investors, leading to declines in other cryptocurrencies such as VET and FIL.
• VeChain was recently included in the Hong Kong Virtual Asset Consortium which has caused a surge in VET prices.
• Filecoin has not seen similar success with its FVM launch but continues to push forward with positive news about deployment and wallet creation.

Tradecurve Gains Popularity

The sentiment around crypto is becoming more optimistic as investors look for potential projects. As such, the native token of Tradecurve, TCRV, has gained traction during its presale phase causing other cryptocurrencies like vechain (VET) and filecoin (FIL) to decline in investor base.

VeChain Included In Hong Kong Virtual Asset Consortium

The news of VeChain’s inclusion into the Hong Kong Virtual Asset Consortium has been met with enthusiasm from the VeChain community as this opens up easier access to purchasing VET without regulatory difficulty. This development could increase VET’s user base and transaction volume resulting in a 21% gain last week where it is now being traded at $0.0193.

Filecoin FVM Launch Has Little Impact

Despite hopes that Filecoin would experience a major price jump after their FVM rollout over 100 days ago, there have been no significant impacts on FIL value which is currently trading at $3.99 – down 40% since the launch date. The project continues to share positive updates including deploying 2,500 smart contracts and creating 91,000 wallets on the FVM so far.

Growth Of Crypto Trading Sector

As more people begin investing in cryptocurrency, the crypto trading sector is rapidly growing with Tradecurve emerging as one of the notable players due to its hybrid exchange platform offering advantages such as hosting multiple tokens from different blockchains within one platform and providing high liquidity for traders through cross-chain transactions.


Crypto enthusiasts believe that despite current market decline being temporary, they are optimistic for a robust recovery given news developments like VeChain’s inclusion into Hong Kong’s Virtual Asset Consortium and Tradecurve’s successful presale run of their TCRV token leading many investors to redirect their attention towards these projects instead of others like Filecoin or vechain who have not seen similar success yet.